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We Specialize In Locating Water Leaks To Minimize Damage To Property In The Houston Area.


Water Leaks Are A Serious Concern

Do you notice your water bill growing larger? Do you hear water running when you’re sure all the taps are off? You may have a hidden water leak somewhere in your home that can cause serious damage and pose health hazards. If left untreated, leaks can cause foundational damage, promote mildew growth, and more.

Signs of trouble:

    • Curling vinyl flooring or loose tiles
    • Peeling paint or flaking, chalky-looking wood finish
    • Water stains on the ceiling or joists below.
    • Persistent mold.
    • If the shower is against an exterior wall, you may find an area of peeling paint outside.
    • Water seeping out around the base of the toilet.
    • Loose or damaged flooring.
    • A loose faucet base.
    • Deteriorating caulk around a sink.

Water Leak Detection

Leaky or broken pipes can be frustrating for anyone and diagnosing the problem may seem impossible, especially the water leak is buried deep inside walls or under the house.

Leak detection does the most good in the earliest stages of a leak. Water damage is progressive. That means the damage multiplies over time.

While most of these leaks can be a simple fix, occasionally some pipe issues require advanced tools. Situations such as those involving structural damage to pipes, going in with a pipe snake is not enough. The only way to accurately diagnose the situation is with video pipe inspection.

Video Pipe Inspections

Corroded pipes, leaking joints and root infiltration can be more than a pain –they can eventually do serious damage to pipes. And since traditional pipe cleaning methods aren’t always enough to catch these more advanced issues, all of our expert technicians are fully trained with the latest pipe inspection techniques.

With our sewer line camera, we are able to visually inspect the inside of your pipes. With this eyes-on technology, we can quickly and easily spot the problem areas in your plumbing.

Whether you’re looking for a routine inspection or think you may have a water leak in your home, this procedure is a visually revealing solution.

Get ahead of the situation 


It’s always important to try and assess an Air Conditioning or Plumbing situation in a timely and affordable fashion.  Sometimes our experienced and licensed plumbing technicians may suggest utilizing our  cameras and detection systems to get a quicker and clearer picture of the situation at hand.

By utilizing our sewer line cameras and locators, we are able to;


  • Benefits of Running a Sewer Line Camera
  • See and capture a live image of your sewer or standard plumbing line to be able to show you and go over repair alternatives.
  • Measure the distance from the camera head so we have a strong indication of the distance to the problems origin.
  • Locate the direction of the line.  Often a line will not be directed as you may think.  By using our locators, you can save on money, time and aggravation.  The last thing you want is to for someone to start digging blindly and making a big mess in your yard with no results.

We give you a plan and a solid estimate



Our technicians will take the information at hand and be able to paint a much clear picture for you on things like;

    • Does the entire line or a section of the line need to be replaced
    • Can the line be patched in one spot repair
    • How deep do we have to dig
    • How many feet do we have to dig
    • What is the cost and time involved

Common Plumbing Issues



Happenings that may cause you to consider having us camera the line may be;

  • Reoccurring line stoppages that you have had serviced before. Has this happened before and is the time between problems shortening?
  • An older home that hasn’t had service before.  You may have old cast iron pipes that have eroded into the ground, created bellies, or been protruded by an outside object like a tree root or a fence post added at a later date.
  • You’re purchasing or selling a home and you want to attend to any potential deal-breakers ahead of time.
  • You have poured Drano and like materials down your line over and over with less and less effectiveness.


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