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Electrical Retrofits and More

Our experienced and highly skilled electricians, as well as the rest of our friendly staff are here to help you with all of your electrical needs.

Whether for new construction, a remodeling project or an electrical capacity upgrade, making sure your electrical panel is robust enough to meet your needs for lighting, smart home features, appliances and electronics is key to your safety and enjoyment. Having sufficient power for your service needs is the best way to ensure your electrical system functions as you expect it to.

You can count on us to provide you with the best in breaker box installation and retrofitting services in Houston!

New breaker box installed in Houston
Residential electrical panel and breaker box repair services in Houston

Our Electric Breaker Panel Services

  • Repairs
  • Problem Diagnosis
  • Residential Repairs
  • Residential Upgrades

If your breaker box (also referred to as an electrical panel) is giving you trouble, or you’re interested in a brand-new upgraded model to support your current needs, call us today! We can come out and evaluate your current electrical panel, system and overall wiring to recommend the most efficient, cost effective upgrade for your home!

Don’t risk attempting dangerous electrical work on your own

Let one of our trusted electricians help you out! With years of experience, our highly skilled electricians will quickly diagnose and resolve the problem. We service all makes and models of breaker boxes, so if you’re having issues with your electrical panel, call us for all of your repair needs!

Home breaker box and electrical panel repair and installation services in Houston

Top Reasons to Replace a Breaker Box

Your breaker box handles quite a bit of work, and when it has issues, you’ll know it right away. Some of the telltale signs of electrical panel malfunction are flickering lights, crackling sounds near outlets, and frequent tripping, and may indicate that repair work is needed.

Here are some common reasons to replace your breaker box:

  • To Replace An Outdated, Inefficient Breaker Box
  • For New Appliance Installation
  • When Replacing Circuit Breaker Fuses
  • When Resolving Faulty Wiring Issues