A Standby Generator Is Like Having a Power Plant at Your Home

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Did you know the average family home loses power up to five times a year?

While brief power outages are no big deal, extended outages can rob you of the things that make your house your home. With a standby generator, your power will kick back on in mere seconds after a power outage, keeping your lights, HVAC system, refrigerator, security system, medical equipment, and other electronic devices running.

We know how quickly severe weather such as sudden thunderstorms or a quick forming tropical storm can roll in unexpectedly. The result is often a power outage caused by entire trees or tree limbs falling on electricity poles and lines.

Generacs home backup generators in Houston
Residential backup generators for hurricanes in Houston

We Help Keep the Power on so Your Family is Always Safe with a Reliable Home Automatic Standby Generator

There are other causes of power outages due to problems at power stations or a massive heat wave during the summer.
A standby generator can help ensure that when a power outage occurs, you won’t have to worry about being in the dark. For more information, and to get started on your project, contact us today! Generators are in stock now, don’t wait until the next time you have no power!

We offer expert, warranteed installation on a wide array of whole-home generators, including Gererac. When you invest in a backup or standby generator for your home, you can rest assured that it will perform when you need it. Keep your family, pets, and belongings safe during a power outage!

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Locally based in Uptown Houston,, we’re ready to provide you with peace of mind. We can install, service, maintain and repair your residential backup generator FAST!! Contact us to schedule a free quote for adding backup power to your home!

Standby power generators for your home installed in Houston

We offer generators that come with:

  • A free site evaluation to help you select just the right standby generator for your home
  • A 10-year parts and labor warranty
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Permanent installation outside your home by our licensed technicians
  • Automatic activation when the power goes off, and automatic shutdown as soon as power is restored
  • Fuel-efficient propane or natural gas operation
  • The ability to run just a couple of the basic needs, or power your entire home