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Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance!

Your air conditioner needs regular checkups to keep it running in tip-top shape. Having regular annual preventative maintenance will bring your system longer life and fewer breakdowns over all.

For most of our customers, their air conditioner is working perfectly fine when they schedule AC maintenance and tune-up services. The goal is to check-in on the system and avoid unanticipated AC repairs – saving you money and stress in the hottest months of summer!

ac tune-up and air conditioner maintenance for homes and offices

Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important!!

A maintained AC is a happy AC. Simply put, a well-maintained air conditioner operates very differently than one that hasn’t been serviced in years (or ever! Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone). Air conditioning maintenance goes far beyond simple DIY tips like changing your filter.

A seasonal tune-up gives your air conditioner the spruce up it really needs – just like changing the oil in your car. Our air conditioner tune up services includes cleaning condenser coils, checking filters, vents and ducts, and checking the coolant level to ensure optimal performance and more!

Benefits of AC Maintenance

Energy Savings

Improved Lifespan of your complete AC System

Prevent Costly Repairs

With a fleet in Houston and a warehouse of our own downtown, we can fix almost any AC problem fast!

Get An AC Tune-Up or Freon Recharge Today!

Our trained technicians will be able to diagnose the problem accurately and inform you of the best course of action. You might only need to replace a few parts, or you might have to replace your entire AC unit depending on the problem.

ac tune-up services for residential and commercial buildings

Do You Need a Freon Recharge for your AC Unit?

Your system is built to not lose refrigerant. The need for a recharge is, in most cases, because of a leak. The question is… how do you tell if you have a leak?

The leaks are most often caused by damage to the unit. In some cases, the unit was poorly manufactured in which case a replacement could in fact be a viable option for you.

If your unit is brand new or nearly new and you have a leak, then you should call your manufacturer and inform them that you would like a replacement as the product is faulty. However, if the system is between 10-20 years old, it’s more likely that something external caused the leak.

When Should You Get A Recharge?

1. Your vents are blowing room temperature air

This is a tell-tale sign of a needed recharge. In the majority of cases, this sign is present. There are some miscellaneous problems that can cause this as well, such as a broken thermostat, but the temperature you feel coming from the vents will degrade over time. In other words, it won’t go from cool air to room temperature instantaneously. Instead, it will slowly rise in temperature as it runs out of refrigerant.

2. Frozen units or frost coating

We have a more in-depth blog post on frozen AC units here, but one of the signs of a leaking unit is the buildup of frost/ice on the unit. If you’ve ever looked into the front of a window unit, you’ll see pipes that look quite frosty inside. These coils are where the refrigerant flows. The refrigerant is a gas that will freeze nearly anything it touches. The pipes are built to withstand the refrigerant and transport it around the system, but if there is a leak, you will notice it because everything will be frost-covered or just plain frozen.

Invest in an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Annual maintenance is great if you remember to do it. If you’re like most people we know in LA, your busy schedule doesn’t give you much time to think about things like preventative maintenance for your air conditioner. That’s why we offer the Perfect Home Plan.

For the affordable price of $199 a year, you’ll receive annual maintenance on your air conditioner and furnace FREE OF CHARGE. Perfect Home Plan members also receive 10% off parts and service – a significant value for keeping your AC maintained! Plus, our members get priority scheduling and extended warranties. Sign up for the Perfect Home Plan today for AC maintenance made simple.