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The most important part of any AC Install is… Your home itself! Investing in a new air conditioner can be nerve-wracking. Your air conditioner will be serving your home for the next ten years or longer. If you’re not knowledgeable about air conditioning systems, it can feel like you’re flying blind trying to choose the best unit, size, make and model. Our goal is to educate our customers. We want to make sure you feel completely confident in choosing the perfect air conditioner for your home based on size AND budget! We carry a wide variety of air conditioner products. 

Comfortmaker HVAC Systems from Carrier

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Air Conditioner Installation or replacement in Houston for goodman and trane

What equipment is included in an AC install?

Unless you’re an AC whiz, you likely aren’t familiar with all of the air conditioning components or terminology. Don’t worry! We’ll be sure to explain every detail until you feel comfortable.

During an air conditioner install, you may need to purchase just one piece of an AC system, or you may have all the components included in your project. So it’s important to understand every part of the air conditioning system.

Other Components in an Air Conditioning System

Although condenser units and evaporator coils are the main pieces of your air conditioning, don’t overlook these other critical parts:

  • Piping for refrigerant that travels between the condensing unit and evaporator coil.
  • Ductwork which carries air around your home.
  • Blower (or indoor fan) which helps airflow through the ductwork. The indoor fan is normally located inside a furnace or an air handler.
  • A thermostat which sends on and off signals to your condensing unit and blower.

Hire A Local AC Repair Expert!

No matter what time of day you discover your home or office air conditioning system is broken, you can call us. Seriously! Rest assured that you will get the same level of service anytime you call. We know how stressful it is not to have the air conditioner working.

Common AC Replacement FAQ

What are the main components of an AC unit?
  • Evaporator Coil (also known as the evaporator or indoor coil) – The indoor side of your air conditioner is called the evaporator coil. The evaporator coil is where very cold refrigerant travels through. The expansion valve feaature keeps your coil at cool temperatures.
  • Condensing Unit (also called a condenser or outdoor unit) – The condensing unit is the big metal box that sits outside your home. The condensing unit has several components that help with this, including a coil, a fan, and a compressor. The coil and fan help cool refrigerant, while the compressor helps build pressure.
Should I Replace The Whole System Or Just One Piece?

Now might be a good time to evaluate if other pieces in your system require replacement, as there are often great incentives to purchase a full system. Another piece of info important to homeowners: most new equipment uses the refrigerant type called R-410A.

If your existing system uses R-22 refrigerant, it won’t be compatible with an R-410A system. Due to federal regulations, equipment compatible with R-22 can no longer be sold. So, replacing one piece of your system may lead to replacing others.

Which Features Should I Consider?

There has been a lot of innovation within the cooling industry, and air conditioners can do a lot more these days.

  • Are you interested in a high-efficiency unit?
  • What about systems that offer zoning in your home?
  • Does the noise from your current air conditioner keep you awake at night?
Do I Need A Heat Pump?

Air conditioners are exactly that: cooling only equipment. But have you heard about heat pumps? A heat pump is a combination unit that provides both cooling and heating.

Heat pumps are ideal for Houston area homes because our winters are so mild.

Do You Offer Brand Name Equipment?

 We offer top-of-the-line equipment from the leaders in HVAC solutions as well as budget options

What Kind Of Budget Do I Need?

Consider your spending limit for your air conditioner installation.

We offer financing for our customers, which will help break down the cost of your AC install into small monthly payments.

Is It Time To Replace Your AC Unit?

How can you be sure you need a new AC unit installed? Air conditioner replacement may be on your horizon if you experience any of the following:

  • You keep turning down the thermostat, but the air doesn’t seem to get cooler.
  • Your AC unit seems to run almost constantly, and your electric bill is going up
  • The unit is more than 10 years old or uses R-22 Freon (newer units use more environmentally-friendly coolants).
  • Your air conditioner warranty expired but your unit keeps breaking down.
  • Your repair bills are adding up to more than the cost of the unit.


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