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We will help you get your air conditioning back and running. AC problems are never fun but you don’t need to wait until the problem magnifies.

Keep up your AC repairs and maintenance and you’ll sail through the summer – but if an emergency arises – we can be there same-day!

Emergency AC Repair Any Day, Any Time!

We’re known for our emergency air conditioner repair services. Whether it’s the weekend, a holiday, or midnight on a Sunday, we can be there within a reasonable amount of time

Weekend Air Conditioner Repair? No Problem!

Weekend AC service is no problem – we have techs standing by! Almost all air conditioner repair companies close on the weekends, but our dispatchers can reach us 24/7.

We know that emergency AC service is truly that – an emergency – especially during Houston’s brutal summer weather. We love Houston as much as the next person, but when it’s hot outside, it can be unbearable. That’s why you need same day air conditioner repair, no question about it.

Our 60 Minute arrival guarantee will give you peace of mind fast! Once our AC repair technician arrives, we start to solve the problem immediately.

Some common culprits for AC repair include:



Breakers or Fuses


With a fleet in Houston and a warehouse of our own downtown, we can fix almost any AC problem fast!

Hire An Emergency AC Repair Expert!

Our trained technicians will be able to diagnose the problem accurately and inform you of the best course of action. You might only need to replace a few parts, or you might have to replace your entire AC unit depending on the problem.

Emergency AC Repair FAQ

How Do I Know I Have Air Conditioning Troubles?
Sometimes it’ll be painfully obvious, for example, if you find yourself sticking your head inside the freezer to cool down or if you turn on all the fans in your home but the house is still unusually warm.

Some common signs that you need to get your AC looked at immediately include:

Ineffective cooling
This is usually easily detectable, as you will notice a considerable difference in temperature. When your AC unit is not efficiently cooling, it is a good indication that something has gone wrong.
Low airflow
Another way to tell is low air flow. If suddenly your unit seems to be spitting out a lot less air, you might consider getting a routine maintenance.
Odd Sounds
Perhaps you hear loud sounds or a strange whirring, humming, or rattling sound that you had never noticed before. This might tell you that something has come loose in the system or might be broken and require repair.
Many times repairs may require simple adjustments or they might demand a more thorough and complete replacement of the unit.

Hire a Licensed AC Repair Technician!

We are trained to work on most major brands, so when you give us a call let us know as much as you can about your system; brand, number of units, age of the units or anything else that you feel would be helpful in addition the actual problem you are experiencing. Check out our post on how to read an AC label.

Want to avoid AC breakdowns in the heat of summer? Don’t forget to check out our Perfect Home Plan. It is a great way to maintain your entire Air Conditioning system in an affordable fashion and give you the peace of mind that if you do have a problem, a licensed, local HVAC technician is a quick call away.


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