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Residential Electrical Services

When it comes to installing additional outlets, upgrading to automated controls, adding or changing, light switches, electrical panels, or specialty lighting, choosing an experienced, licensed electrician who is familiar with the local and environmental factors that go into residential electrical repairs, upgrades, or new electrical installation is key to the success of your home project!

Residential electrical repairs and installation in the Houston area
Residential electrical wiring repair and installation in Houston

Diagnosis and Repair

Diagnosing an electrical issue can become quite a head scratcher, especially if you don’t have the experience, the right tools or the knowledge and experience to use them properly. Let our professional electricians save you time, and money, on diagnosing and repairing your home electrical issues. All of our technicians are licensed and can take care of your issues safely and correctly…. the first time!

Electrical Upgrades for Remodeling & Renovation

There are hundreds of different electrical improvements you can make on your home to increase you and your family’s comfort. Our technicians are trained and licensed to install a wide range of electrical equipment to do just that. From lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, to circuit breakers and electrical panels, electric vehicle charging stations, and many more. Benefit from the installation of electrical devices that increase energy savings, increase safety and security.

Home Energy Savings with a Smart Home Upgrade!

Installation and Upgrades of Basic Electrical Components

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Safety is a top priority. Hiring a licensed electrician protects your family from the dangers of shoddy electrical work due to inexperience, structural, and age-related complications.

Residential electrical repair services from one call Houston

Electrical System Maintenance

The easiest way to avoid costly electric breakdowns is to perform electrical maintenance. Electrical maintenance involves routine check-ups and repairs of the electrical systems throughout your home, yard and more….

Our routine electrical safety and maintenance service checks several systems, which include:

  • Review of power outlets
  • Review of electrical connections
  • Air conditioners
  • Electromechanical machines
  • Electrical board and circuit breakers
  • Monitoring of electrical damage if needed

The electrician will go through all electrical system components in your home or business to ensure everything is working perfectly. In most cases, the maintenance is preventive; it ensures there are no breakdowns. If there are any electrical related damages, the electrician will discuss next steps with you for safety and repair options.

Specialty Home and Outdoor Lighting

Increase your home value and appeal by taking advantage of specialty and outdoor lighting fixtures. We can provide your home with a fully customized outdoor lighting plan based on your specific needs. Call today to get your free estimate on the installation of various landscape light fixtures, and exterior home lighting systems

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