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Indoor Air Quality Inspection and Testing Services Are Important to your total Health

Did you know that conducting an Annual IAQ service can help to ensure the air in your home or office is healthy, clean, and pristine? Even better, by keeping the air in your home or office clean and free of air pollutants will reduce the risk of illness and an increase overall quality of life.

Our indoor air quality inspection and indoor air quality testing services utilize the latest state of the art equipment and systems to thoroughly and accurately collect, measure, analyze, and report on all allergens, air pollutants, voc’s, and other potentially harmful particulates.

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 What we look for:

Signs and symptoms of poor indoor air quality can be headaches, coughing and sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, having difficulty in breathing, dizziness, fatigue, chronic respiratory issues, etc. In some cases rashes may appear and feeling of tiredness, sinus or nasal blockage and frequent sneezing too. Last but not least one may experience chronic cough and wheezing, as well as other respiratory condition.

The first step in checking indoor air quality is talking to the people in your family. Specifically, see how their health is. As a general rule of thumb, someone suffering from poor air quality will have a runny nose and nausea. It’s worth pointing out that poor air quality does not effect all homes equally. One potential warning sign is if you are moving into a new home. Contrary to popular belief, a new home isn’t always a CLEAN home…  Dust, remaining construction chemicals, paint rags, anything can be accidentally left behind and in the HVAC system. Remodeling work can also cause problems.

Regardless of what you are dealing with, you need to have the indoor air quality of your home tested.

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why do you need clean air at home?

What are the main Reasons to get an INdoor air test?
Your family’s respiratory and immune health depends on the air quality you breathe every day.  Fight back against illness and immune disorders with clean air in your home.
Should I install a home filtration system?
Depending on your family’s health and the age of your HVAC system (among other things) you may find investing in a WHOLE HOME HEPA FILTRATION system or in a room specific stand-alone filtration and cycling fan may be more helpful and easier on the budget.

Contact us for an evaluation and EXPERT advice on how to breathe easier and protect your family’s health starting at home.


What is sick building syndrome and can clean air help fight covid-19?
Sick building syndrome can happen to any home or building, and it can be because of numerous reasons. We typically see upticks after a lot of heavy rain and wet weather (HELLO, HOUSTON!) and have personally witnessed what can happen to homes, large residential buildings, commercial structures, and even public places after extremely wet weather and flooding.

In December 2020, the CDC released home-air quality testing (IAQ) as a method to help prevent the spread of coronavirus between healthy members of a single home or residential unit.

In many residential neighborhoods, complexes, and multi unit buildings where multiple neighbors and tenants have mold removed, it frequently come back due to being in a close proximity to another contaminated unit or building.

What do we test for and what can we prevent?

We’ll conduct a complete IAQ test including physical air and swab sampling, visual inspections, infrared inspections, UV light systems and indoor air particle counts for the following:

  • Bacteria and viruses (including Coronavirus)
  • Pollen, dust and other allergens
  • Chemical Air Pollutants, VOC’s
  • Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide
  • Formaldehydes and Toxic Free Radicals

We will then compile all information, measurements, and data into a comprehensive indoor air quality inspection report highlighting our findings and recommended plan of action to get the air in your home clean and pristine.  We offer in-house financing options to help you achieve a clean, healthier home in no time at all!


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