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Emergency AC Repair Services

AC Repair Services Houston

Nobody knows when a plumbing or emergency AC repair is going to arise; although they typically happen at the worst possible times. When such an emergency happens the most important things are;

Emergency Plumbing & AC Repair

AC Repair Services Houston
  • Being able to find a company on short notice
  • Finding someone who can dispatch a truck your way in a short period of time
  • Finding a company that won’t take advantage of the situation in any way
  • Finding a company that is licensed, insured and reputable.

Whether you need same day (or even immediate) service for a Air Conditioning emergency, contact us immediately at 713-880-5200 . Our dispatchers will quickly work with you to assess the level of seriousness of the AC emergency.

Please be sure to provide our dispatchers with as much information as possible as they will relay everything to the technicians.  They are trained to ask the right questions to get to the root of the issue.  Here are a couple pieces of information to have ready;

What is the issue? – Is the AC not working at all, not cooling properly or working sporadically

Noticeable Freezing on AC Unit

AC Repair Services Houston
  • Is this a recurring issue – Is this the first time you are having this problem or has it been worked on before
  • How many AC Units – Is the problem on multiple units or just one?
  • How old are the Air Conditioning units? – Here is a quick guide that can help
  • Are there any noticeable issues such as ice formation around the units

Whatever you are experiencing we will work diligently to get you cooling again. After hopefully restoring your service, our technicians will provide you with options for AC replacement or repairs should they feel it is appropriate or necessary. If the repair that was made was sufficient, they will let you know as well.

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AC Repair Services HoustonAC Repair Services Houston

LICENSED, INSURED & BONDED | Plumbers License #: MPL15973 (Texas Department of Plumbing Examiners) | HVAC License #: TACL15971 (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations)