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Comprehensive Electrical Services in Greater Houston

Expert Electrical Solutions for Greater Houston

At OneCall Houston, we are committed to providing top-tier electrical services across the Greater Houston area. Our certified electricians are equipped to handle every aspect of your electrical needs, from urgent repairs to strategic upgrades and installations.

Our Complete Electrical Services Include:

Emergency Electrician

Immediate assistance for electrical emergencies, ensuring rapid response and resolution.

Electrical Inspections / Code Compliance

Comprehensive inspections to verify that all electrical systems meet or exceed safety standards and code requirements.

Electrical Repairs

Expert repair services for all types of electrical issues, ensuring your systems are running safely and efficiently.

Electrical Installation

Professional installation of electrical systems, components, and fixtures, from new constructions to renovations.

Electrical Panel Repair

Dedicated services to fix and optimize your electrical panel for improved safety and functionality.

Electrical Panel Replacement / Upgrading

Upgrading outdated or damaged panels to accommodate modern electrical demands and enhance safety.

Backup Generators

Installation and maintenance of backup generators to provide uninterrupted power during outages.

Whole Home Surge Protection

Systems designed to protect your entire home from sudden electrical surges and spikes.

Outlet & Switch Installation

Safe installation of new outlets and switches to meet your home or business’s needs.

Outlet & Switch Repair

Repair services for faulty or aging outlets and switches to ensure optimal functionality and safety.

Outlet & Switch Relocation

Relocating outlets and switches to more convenient or strategic locations within your property.

Fixture Installation

Installation of a variety of light fixtures to enhance the lighting and ambiance of your space.

Light Fixture Repair

Maintenance and repair of existing lighting fixtures to maintain proper lighting and reduce energy usage.

Lighting Control Systems

Advanced lighting control installations that enhance energy efficiency and user convenience.

Fan Repair

Services to repair malfunctioning or broken fans, ensuring efficient operation and comfort.

Fan Installation

Professional installation of various types of fans to improve air circulation and comfort levels.

Indoor Lighting Installation

Design and installation of indoor lighting systems tailored to the specific ambiance and functionality needs of your space.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Strategic placement and installation of outdoor lighting to enhance security and aesthetic appeal.

Fuse Changing

Replacing old or blown fuses to maintain electrical safety and prevent overloads.

Electrical Power Restoration

Quickly restoring power in the event of outages or interruptions to minimize inconvenience and risk.

Electrical Wiring Installation

Installation of new wiring to support the electrical needs of your home or business, ensuring compliance with all codes.

Electrical Wiring Repair

Repair and update of existing wiring to fix issues and ensure efficient and safe operation.


Complete replacement of outdated or hazardous wiring systems to improve safety and functionality.

EV Charger Installation

Installation of electric vehicle charging stations to provide convenience and enhance property value.

Alarm / Security System Installation

Professional installation of alarm and security systems to protect your property and ensure peace of mind.

Electrical Remodeling

Comprehensive electrical upgrades and modifications as part of home or business remodeling projects.

Ground Wire Installation

Installation of ground wires to ensure your electrical system is safe and grounded properly.

Smart Home Upgrades

Integration of smart home technology into your electrical system for enhanced control and energy efficiency.

Why Choose OneCall Houston for Electrical Services?

  • Fastest Emergency Service in Greater Houston: Quick response to minimize downtime and ensure safety.
  • Over 30 Years Experience: Leveraging extensive expertise to provide dependable electrical solutions.
  • Competitive Pricing: We provide high-quality services at competitive rates, ensuring great value.
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction: Committed to excellence, backed by numerous positive customer reviews.
  • Quick, Convenient Scheduling: Flexible scheduling options to suit your timeline.
  • Fully Licensed, Insured & Background-Checked Electricians: Ensuring safety and professionalism in every job.
  • Family Owned & Operated: Delivering personalized service with a commitment to community and quality.
  • Special Offers & Financing Available: Accessible services supported by convenient financial options.
  • We Service All Brands: Expertise to handle any electrical system or brand, ensuring comprehensive service.

Schedule Your Electrical Service Today

Don’t compromise on electrical safety and functionality. Schedule your service with OneCall Houston now to ensure your electrical systems are safe, efficient, and fully up-to-date. Let our expert electricians provide the high-quality service you expect and deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Electrical Services

First, check if it’s an area-wide issue. If not, contact us immediately for rapid troubleshooting and repair.

We recommend an inspection at least every two years to ensure ongoing safety and efficiency, or more frequently for older systems.

Absolutely. We specialize in smart home integrations, ensuring your electrical system can support the latest technologies.

Signs include frequent breaker trips, flickering lights, and the use of multiple power strips due to insufficient outlets.

Yes, we provide various energy-efficient lighting options that can reduce your electricity bills and enhance environmental sustainability.

We provide comprehensive warranties on both labor and materials, ensuring peace of mind for all our services.

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