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Water Conditioning


Water Conditioning is used to control the issue of calcium and magnesium in water that can cause scale problems. 

Water treatment, filtration, and conditioning can extend the life of your pipes, sinks, dishware, and more.  Water treatment and filtration is also essential to your health.

Filtered water is clearly better, and here are some reasons why:


  • Odor free, great tasting filtered water lends to increased water consumption which has health benefits
  • Chemicals used in municipal water treatment, and their by-products, are not desirable for you to consume. When you schedule us to go to your home ask one of our technicians about some in-home water testing that can be done.
  • Refilling bottles for on the go consumption saves money and waste as well as being more convenient than bottle water
  • Your body acts as a sponge. When you bathe, your lungs are filters and inhale the chemicals in the shower steam, so drinking good water isn’t enough

Hard water really is harsh, so by conditioning it you will experience benefits such as;

  • Conditioned water lathers up better and requires less soap usage
  • Scale build up on your fixtures is eliminated with conditioned water
  • Conditioned water increases the efficiency of water using appliance and extends their productive life


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