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Water directly from the tap.

Water filtration reduces and/or removes impurities in your homes water supply.  Filtration can occur either at the point of entry, filtering all of the water in the home, or at the point of use, filtering the water from that specific outlet.

Water filters are not water softeners and do not remove scale build-up.

Whole House Water Filter Point of Entry Tank Systems are a Great Solution

Municipal water is treated to make it safe for us to drink.  To do this they use chemicals.  These chemicals and the by-products they generate are better to remove than consume once the water gets to your house.  Filtering water reduces or removes many of these undesirable impurities making all of the water in your home more desirable.  Convenient, better tasting water increases the likelihood that you’ll drink more water and drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your health.  Additionally, the chemicals used in treatment can be hard on your plumbing system even causing pinhole leaks in some instances.  Reducing the impurities in your home’s water is good for your family and for your home.


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