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Roofing Ventilation Systems

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Attic Ventilation Systems

Even with good-quality residential roofing in Houston, it’s hard to get the maximum life out of your roof without proper roofing ventilation or a radiant barrier. Whereas roofing ventilation is designed to take hot air and moisture out of your attic, which ultimately prolongs the life of your roof, a radiant barrier’s purpose is to reduce heat in the attic and lower cooling costs.


Types of Roofing Ventilation


Roofing ventilation can many forms. Some of the most common include:

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Attic fans

Attic fans are ventilation fans installed in the attic floor, beneath the residential roofing system. They can be turned on manually or automatically.

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Soffit ventilation

Soffit ventilation lets air flow into your attic from beneath the roofing system, which helps lower moisture.

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Box vents

Box vents can either help hot air escape or draw cooler air in. They are installed over a cutout in the roof and have a low profile.

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Ridge vents

Ridge vents are discreetly placed at the peak of sloped roofs and let attic heat escape from beneath the residential roofing system.

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These spinning metal vents, which look like turbines, typically have a steel exterior and a fluted vent head that spins.


Making the right decision

Regardless of the type of roofing ventilation you choose, what matters is that it does its job. Any time your attic is over 100°, a common occurrence in Houston, your air-conditioning system has to work doubly hard to reduce the heat in your home and your attic.  

But with good roofing ventilation in your residential roofing system, you can ensure that the decking plywood doesn’t heat up … so that the back sides of your shingles don’t heat up … so that your attic stays cooler … so that moisture doesn’t build up between the decking and the roofing underlayment … so that your roof (and your AC system) will last a lot longer.

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Radiant Barriers


One way to prolong the life expectancy of any residential roofing in Houston is through the use of a radiant barrier. Radiant barriers consist of a reflective material, like aluminum foil, that reflects the sun’s heat (radiant heat) before it has time to warm up the insulation in your attic.

Radiant barriers come in many forms. If you’re investing in a new residential roofing system, you can request plywood with a radiant barrier already adhered. In existing homes, roofing contractors will sometimes spray radiant barriers into the attic, while others[BS1]  will staple radiant barrier strips to the rafters. At One Call, we’re happy to advise on which radiant barrier system is right for you.

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