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Roof Replacement


The subject of roof replacement in Houston brings a mixed bag of responses. Most people will tell you they’re glad it’s not a daily event. That’s not surprising. Roof replacement in Houston is a major event, as well as a major disruption to your regular routine. Whether it lasts one day or three days (if not longer), a new roof means contractors on your home’s perimeter, a mess on the front lawn – even roofing materials scattered all over your attic floor. No wonder people put it off as long as they can. Our goal at One Call Roofing & Repair is to change the way people think about roof replacement in Houston. We do that by …


Making clear communication a top priority. Our goal is to be very clear about all aspects of replacing your roof. We provide full estimates and firm bids that clarify your expectations and our ability to deliver. Our belief is that for roof replacement in Houston to be done right, it requires careful project management and planning. We take that time, which is why we can sometimes complete residential roof replacements in Houston in as little as one day.


Never taking shortcuts. In our experience, shortcuts lead only to more problems in the long run. A good example of a residential roofing shortcut is a “cover-over,” which is when a new roof is placed on top of an existing roof. The reason this type of solution often leads to problems is that you’re putting a new layer on top of a “bad” layer and an old underlayment, while putting more weight on the roof than the structure was meant to hold. While some companies like to tout the cost savings of this type of residential roof solution, you eventually get what you pay for. So, why not do it right?

Roof Replacement Services in Houston




Quality residential roof replacement in Houston requires getting down to the base layer. Each layer is only as good as the one beneath it when it comes to your roof’s ability to stand up to heat and humidity. That’s why quality residential roof replacement in Houston doesn’t start with adding new shingles; it starts by checking the cleanliness and stability of the deck – the roof’s structural plywood layer beneath the underlayment and the shingles.

Follow Through

 Once we’ve removed the old shingles and old underlayment, we inspect the decking for integrity, tight alignment and any protruding nail heads. Then we closely check all roofing penetrations (the places where objects, such as vents, penetrate the roof) and advise you of any additional roofing remedies that might be needed.

The Right Way

 Does this approach to delivering a new roof take longer and entail more than doing a simple cover-over? Of course, but One Call is committed to doing roof replacement in Houston the way it should be done.

Fair Pricing

We’re not looking to be the cheapest roof replacement in Houston; our goal is to offer quality, fair-priced roofing services that will keep you coming back to One Call for all your home’s needs – not only residential roofing, but also plumbing, air-conditioning and heating, and water services.

Taking Exceptional Care of Your Home



Step by Step

Residential roof repair in Houston is a messy business. Your roof is open; your attic is exposed; and heat, rain, and humidity can drop in at any time. So can old shingles and excess decking material. (Do you really want to find roofing scraps in your Christmas decorations or on top of photos of Aunt Sally?) That’s why we go to extra lengths to make the process of installing a new roof a clean one. We start every project with a “toolbox meeting,” which is our term for the safety-and- precautions meeting. It’s how we ensure that every team member is on board with the requirements for safety and the care of your home prior to replacing your roof. Pre- and post-cleanup are a major aspect of our commitment to roof replacement that respects the property of the homeowner. If the job requires removing the decking (as in the case of putting in a radiant barrier), we make sure to put tarps over the attic floor to catch debris. If your home has a pool, we also use tarps to cover the area and keep the water free of debris. Tarps also help ensure the protection of your landscaping.


Moreover, our team has the expertise needed to handle the wide range of residential roofs in Houston. Some of the most common types of roof repair we handle include:


Tile Roofing


Slate Roofs


Organic Shingles


Composite Roofing


Metal Roofs


Asphalt Shingles


Houston Sewer, Plumbing, clogged drains and AC repair

Houston Sewer, Plumbing, clogged drains and AC repair
Houston Sewer, Plumbing, clogged drains and AC repair

Houston Sewer, Plumbing, clogged drains and AC repair

Houston Sewer, Plumbing, clogged drains and AC repair

Houston Sewer, Plumbing, clogged drains and AC repairHouston Sewer, Plumbing, clogged drains and AC repair


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