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Natural Gas Leak & Testing Procedure


If you need your natural gas piping system tested for leaks or if the gas has been shut off due to a leak, then a gas test inspection must be performed. Your gas service will not be restored until a permit has been issued by the governing municipality and a follow up inspection is completed to insure the natural gas leak has been abated.

The process for a gas test requires that a permit be issued by the municipality in which you reside.  Please note that a permit can only be issued to people or companies meeting the following criteria;

  • Must hold a Master Plumbers License
  • Be registered with the appropriate municipality
  • Must hold general liability insurance

Inspect & Report 


We understand what an inconvenience this can be.  After you call us, we will inspect all of your gas
appliances (furnaces, water heaters, stoves, fireplaces, ovens and gas grill) to ensure they comply with the city codes.  Give us a call at 713-880-5200 to get the process started.


Natural Gas Leak Testing Process

  • We will test for leaks by shutting off all gas appliances at the gas shut off valve. Then apply a gauge to the gas line to perform a pressure test.
  • A leak is detected when the pressure in the test does not hold. If a leak is present, the next step is to locate the leak(s) and make the necessary repairs.
  • The leak detection will be performed on a flat rate basis.
  • If no leaks are detected, then we will call the municipality on your behalf to schedule the inspection for the follow up gas test. The city inspector will monitor the gas gauge for a specific amount of time to ensure it’s holding pressure.
  • If you reside in the home and have no gas, the inspector can come out the same day if notified early enough. Once the inspection passes, the municipality will notify Centerpoint Energy that the gas test passed inspection and that they can either turn the gas back or install the gas meter. This step can take as long as 24 hours after the gas company has been notified.

We will come back to the home to remove the gas gauge so the gas company can activate the gas service.

Stay Safe

Please give us a call if this is happening to you as we are uniquely qualified and very experienced with this process. Though it is an inconvenience, remember that is for yours and everyone’s safety and we will help you resolve it as quickly as possible.


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