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Kitchen Disaster?


Garbage disposals are very common installations in most homes and apartments and are used for disposal of food waste through the sewer system by shredding food into small enough pieces to safely pass through the system.

Indicators of system deterioration over time could manifest itself in ways such as;

  • Longer run times – It seems like it is taking longer for your disposal to break down food items that used to be disposed of much quicker.
  • Odor in sink -When you are running water or washing dishes and you begin to notice a growing or persistent odor, it could be an indication that the disposal is failing.
  • Small flies – If you happen to see small flies in and around the drains, it is a good indication that food is getting caught in the disposal and not being fully broken down (a food source for the flies and insects).
  • Humming sound – When turning on the disposal, if you are hearing a constant humming sound the disposal could be stuck or possibly have a burned out motor.  Either way, turn off the disposal and give us a call to discuss.
  • Water backing up – This could be a garbage disposal issue and possibly more.

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If you are experiencing anything like this, give us a call and we will dispatch on of our field service technicians to your residence, apartment complex or office building. Our dispatchers are all thoroughly trained to try and isolate and identify your issue to improve turnaround times.  All our trucks are fully stocked and can handle your garbage disposal issues swiftly and in an affordable fashion.  Experience the One Call difference.  We are your AC, Heating and Plumbing specialists.  We are a highly regarded AC and Plumbing company and carry an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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