Protect Your Wooden Floors!

June 2, 2012 Joel Gonzalez

This guest post by Tina Geisner will help you get on your way to owning a healthier, longer lasting wooden floor!

Everyday, floors are subjected to extraordinary wear and tear which can be moderated, even eliminated. Thus, there is need to protect floors by providing an entryway for children and guests to sit down and remove their outdoor shoes or boots prior to entering the home. Japanese homes typically have one step up into the house as a reminder to remove footwear and make available slippers as well so people are encouraged to take off their shoes upon arriving.

Consenting to people wearing street shoes inside the home results in scattering all sorts of grime throughout which requires more cleaning. Thus, homeowners who establish rules for leaving shoes at the door save cleaning time, as well as money because the wood flooring will last longer and require less professional help.

Supply Slippers for Everyone?

Lots of advantages can be derived from wearing slippers, the most important of which is to protect floors. Slippers can help keep feet warm, especially on tile floors that can get very cold. This is especially true in finished basements which are often used for children’s playrooms. It is quite common to wear slippers after bathing and before getting dressed. Those who spend a lot of time on their feet in the kitchen can benefit from cork-lined slippers that provide cushioning for tired legs.

Tip: Benches at Entryways (Front and Back) Encourage Putting on Slippers

The cost and time to refinish floors is well worth making an effort to have family and guests wear slippers in the home. Too often homeowners only become aware of the damage caused by dirty shoes until it is time to sell the home. Attractive slippers and a relaxing place to sit while removing shoes and putting slippers on will motivate kids and guests to follow the homeowner’s biding. It also helps to have shelves to store shoes while slippers are being worn, besides following Japanese custom.

Refinishing wood floors is far more complicated than running a vacuum cleaner and just moving your furniture around because it creates an incredible amount of fine dust that gets into everything. It is really hard if you’re going to refinish your hardwood floors correctly.

Wood floors are very popular with homeowners but they need to be cleaned and treated carefully, i.e. using rubber glides under furniture legs. When wood floors aren’t maintained properly, re-finishing the floors is necessary to remove the many small nicks, ground in dirt and more. Refinishing wood floors is far more complicated than running a vacuum cleaner so take extra careful on your floors.