Houston HVAC Maintenance

Did you know air conditioners and heaters need regular servicing, just like your car?  Without annual service, incredibly costly equipment failures down the road (at the most inconvenient time!) are inevitable.  Additionally, neglecting HVAC maintenance can be life threatening if dust accumulates on the heater coils and causes a fire!  Let One Call provide you with regular air conditioning and heater maintenance services.

We Are Experienced Houston HVAC Maintenance Specialists

Our annual service contracts come with these great benefits:

  • Two annual maintenance visits
  • Free plumbing check ($129 value)!
  • 15% Discount on System Repairs
  • 10% Discount on New Equipment
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Peace of Mind

The most common cause of house fires in the winter is an improperly maintained HVAC system, so don’t put your family at risk.  Our HVAC maintenance plan ensures everything stays in perfect working order, giving you the peace of mind you deserve for yourself and your family.  Don’t let your air conditioning or heating system fail unexpectedly – give us a call today to ensure trouble free operation for years to come, so call us for Houston HVAC Maintenance today!

About Our Houston HVAC Services

We here at One Call Services take our mission seriously, and our mission is to provide HVAC services to Houston! Our HVAC techs aren’t paid purely on commission so that you don’t have to worry about us trying to upsell you. We do our best to provide each and every customer with an informed choice, our experienced HVAC technicians make only the best recommendations. Look to One Call Services in Houston for honest and friendly HVAC services! No matter what your job is, big or small, our Houston HVAC specialists can get the task done right.

Fast And Friendly HVAC Service in Houston

The top reason we are the best HVAC company in Houston is because we understand and respect our customers. We have kept our business in Houston thriving because we believe in friendly service and quality work, just have a look at our testimonials page. We provide all ai

Air Conditioning Services in Houston

Inspect thermostat, Clean or replace filter, Inspect temperature drop, Clean condenser coil, Inspect amp and voltage draw, Inspect refrigerant charge, Lubricate moving parts, Inspect condensate drain, Inspect capacitors, Look for refrigerant, leaks, Inspect contactor, Meg check compressor, Inspect compressor terminals, Inspect disconnect power box, Inspect power breaker, Inspect evaporator coil when accessible, Test cycle for proper operation

Houston Heating Services

Inspect thermostat, Clean or replace filter, Inspect heat exchanger, inspect temperature rise, Inspect fan control, Inspect furnace safety controls, Inspect for gas leaks, Inspect gas valve operation, Inspect ignition system, Inspect electrical connections, Inspect gas pressure, Lube all parts, Inspect backup heat elements, Inspect sequencer operation, Inspect amp and volt draw on motors, Inspect all circuit breakers, Inspect oil filter, Inspect reversing valve operation