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Houston Home and Bathroom RemodelingOne Call contractors offers the finest in complete Houston home remodeling, design and repair. Whether you need a new kitchen or your entire home remodeled, an addition, a new roof, or anything in between we are here for all your needs!  We want to make your life simple by providing everything you need with a single phone call.  Choose One Call to renovate your home to fit the changing needs of you or your family.

Our Remodeling Process

One Call Services home remodeling process consists of the following:

Step #1: Drawing up the building plans and getting the permits processed

Every jurisdiction has different permit and building plan requirements. The first thing we will most likely need to do is get the structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans ready. If it is necessary, the plans are then taken to outside engineers to be reviewed. Basically, this step of the process involves the conversion of design plans into construction plans and their submission for approval and finalization.

Step #2: Making sure the worksite is safe and clean

Safety comes first when One Call starts the project in your home. Throughout the project, wires, nails and studs will be exposed and floors may be removed, creating temporarily unsafe environment. Because of this, One Call will take necessary precautions to ensure everyone’s safety!

Step #3: Demolition and Squaring

Once the work site is properly prepared, the first step of the actual kitchen remodel is to disconnect all the lines (water, gas and electrical) going to sinks, ranges, lights and outlets. Next, all the old cabinetry, appliances, counter tops, etc. are removed and either thrown away or donated to charity.

The squaring, or framing, of the room is one of the most important beginning steps for the kitchen contractor to take. The squaring process consists of making sure that the walls are perfectly straight and meet with the floor at a uniform height. You would be surprised how many homes have out-of-square and out-of-plane conditions

Step #4: “Roughing In”

At this step in the process, the trade contractors – electricians, plumbers and HVAC mechanics – are brought in to “rough in” the plumbing and electrical lines. “Roughing in” is the process of bringing the wires and pipes through the wall to where they will need to be for the finished kitchen. One Call is a part of this process and ensures everything is completed satisfactorily.

Step #5: Building Inspection

This step of the process is simple but essential. At this point we bring in a building inspector to certify that everything has been done to code and issue close-in stickers so the job can be completed.

Step #6: Closing-In

After the building inspector makes sure the kitchen remodel is up to code, One Call will put in insulation and drywall and put down the new floor, or “close in” your kitchen. While unfurnished, your kitchen should now really start showing progress.

Step #7: Substantial Completion

This is when the counter top fabricator will come in to measure the tops of each kitchen cabinet. Depending on the type of material you’ve chosen for your counter top, the fabrication process might take more than a week. While the counter tops are being readied for installation, the wall cabinets will be hung, appliances put in place, and the paint will be applied. Now that the counter tops have been put in place, the tile setter can install the back splash tile. Lastly, the plumber comes in to connect the faucet and the appliances and the electrician comes back to install the lighting.

Step #8: Enjoy you newly remodeling home, kitchen, or bathroom!

Whether it’s home remodeling, bathroom remodeling, or kitchen remodeling, if you need a remodeling contractor in Houston with decades of experience, a history of quality and honest work, and an A+ rating with the BBB, One Call Services is here for you.  Our personnel are respectful, efficient, and will finish your remodeling work on schedule.  Give us a call to discuss our simple step-by-step remodeling process that gets the job done cleanly, correctly, and on time

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