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Edgar Connery, owner and president of ONE CALL, is a Houston transplant originally from Detroit, Michigan. He grew up working in the HVAC and Plumbing field, first as a rookie tech climbing the ladder.  Edgar noticed how some companies and technicians were unfortunately paid on commission, ultimately using sales tactics to sell a customer what they did not need or even want, and sometimes downright lying to customers. This isn’t the way business should be conducted, so he began ONE CALL to change the industry.

Since opening doors 21 years ago right in the heart of Montrose, his service techs have never been paid on commission. This makes for an honest, personal, and neighborly service for all residents of Houston.

His philosophy has grown so popular, in fact, that most customers, new and returning alike, ask for him by name.

One Call does it all!  713-880-5200

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