Bellaire is a small city in in south east TX, having a population of  ~17,000 people.  Bellaire was founded in 1908 on what was then a part of a 9500 acre ranch as a residential neighborhood and agricultural trading center near Houston. In modern times, Bellaire boasts scenic drives with large trees and classic southern homes.

Plumbers in Bellaire

One Call Plumbing provides 24-hour Emergency Service to Bellaire  residents, and we care about providing top quality service, so we never charge extra for weekend or evening residential plumbing and drain cleaning service and even offer 24×7 30 minute emergency plumbing response!  One Call plumbers are fully insured and licensed, and can tackle any plumbing problem: whether it’s stopped-up sinks, slow-draining tubs, leaking faucets, back-up toilets and clogged shower or your commercial grease traps, drain pipes, or sewer lines, one call does it all.  Have a less common problem? We can also be counted on to replace and repair damaged pipes,  sump pumps & garbage disposals. Do you have tree roots interfering with your underground pipes, which are causing your floor drains to back up? Have you discovered a leaking gas or electric hot water heater? Call us now to schedule a service!  Have a plumbing emergency?  We have 30 minute emergency response time!

Plumbing Leaks

One Call Plumbing is a reliable licensed, bonded and insured plumbing service company that’s proudly served Houston and Bellaire residents for over 20 years.  Hiring an experienced plumber is important because if you find a leak in your house, you need a professional with experience who can locate and repair it quickly – and correctly. You want a plumbing leak repaired as fast as possible because dripping faucets and faulty pipes can do damage to your house quickly, causing things like mold and mildew and wasting hundreds or thousands of gallons of water.

Dripping or Leaking Faucets?

If you don’t repair a leak it can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home and the moisture could even make you sick by allowing toxic mold to grow! Over time un-repaired leaks can cause unhealthy mold growth deteriorating the quality of the air you breathe and also rot wood, sheetrock, vinyl, and more. Those little drips don’t seem like a lot of water at first glance, but they can really add up to a lot of water loss and cost you money on your water bill as well as the health problems if mold growth does occur.  If you are experiencing leaks One Call is all you need. Call today for a free estimate!

So if you are looking for a plumber in the 77008 zip code area, call us for our service in Bellaire today!